ngrapher is a simple tool to create realtime colored ncurses graphs from numerical data. You can download version 0.2.0 as debian packages here:

Source repository can be found in the Repository page, source packages in the Downloads page.


To display load average of the system, we can use the following command:

$ (while true ; do sed -e 's/\(.* .* .*\) .* .*/\1/' < /proc/loadavg ; sleep 5;done) \
   | ngrapher

It prints three values every five seconds, and as they are piped into ngrapher, you see this beautiful plot:


You can also graph csv files:

$ ngrapher < sin.csv

Get it

Download sources from git repository:

$ git clone

Then, compile it:

$ cmake .
$ make

You can now play with this tool, for example with random data:

$ ./ | ./ngrapher